New undergraduate students will be enrolled in a micro-learning course in September as part of their welcome induction to the University.

The course lasts around 8 minutes, covering various key learning outcomes and behaviours regarding harassment & sexual misconduct, as well as where to report things and get support as needed. This is part of our commitment to making Queen Mary safe and respectful for everyone. 

The courses will provide students with easy-to-remember advice about these topics and the relevant reporting processes at Queen Mary.

New students will receive the micro-learning course directly to their university email and their personal mobile number if we have that on record, on the 19th September 2023.

Emails will come from the email address and the texts will come from the sender ID ‘QMUL’

The course will be a mixture of text, videos, gifs and quizzes to reinforce critical concepts that help us treat each other with respect and be valued members of our diverse and friendly community.

Students who need to opt out for personal reasons may do so by clicking “opt out” on the first card of the course. 


There are two ways you can tell us what happened